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Hersick+Webster designs all sorts of things to help our clients communicate the awesome things they do. But, what is more interesting and way more important is why we do what we do.

We’re for doing work that makes a difference. We’re for designing your right solution; We’re for inspiring adventure; We’re for connecting people to places; We’re for being active; We’re for exploration; We’re for building community; We’re for helping people heal; We’re for tasting new things; We’re for sustainability–economically + environmentally; We’re for making people smile; We’re for working with people who have passion and compassion. We’re for redefining ROI to include the meaningful impact our clients have on people’s lives.

We’re for wildness and wanderlust and wellness. We are not for everyone, but we might just be the perfect design partner for you.

The amazing people we work with create

What can we help you create?

What are you passionate about? Who is your business trying to inspire?


As the entrepreneurial hub in Memphis, we hosted a design thinking workshop that featured Laurel and James, who provided immense value by guiding local entrepreneurs in better understanding the needs of their potential customers and of our community as a whole.

Whitney Hardy

Director of Entrepreneurial Programs
Creativity and ingenuity are the driving forces behind H+W. They listen and take into account your strategy and help come up with ideas that incorporate the big picture. Every project is given great attention and energy. James and Laurel are a joy to work with as they constantly strive to make something new and exciting, while always meeting deadlines and budget. We are never disappointed by the end project!


Laurel and James are a pleasure to work with - they're personable and professional - even under a time crunch!

David Smith

CEO, Special Love, Inc.
Do NOT hire these guys unless you want passionate team members that align themselves with the goals of the project. Do NOT work with them unless you need high-quality design delivered on-time. Do NOT work with them unless you enjoy interesting conversations about nature, hiking, biking, cars, dogs, kids, interpretation, design, communities, and equity. Most importantly, do NOT mention snakes unless you want to laugh.

Matt Leavell

Director of Design, The University of Alabama Center for Economic Development
Hersick+Webster created designs that are timeless and accessible to visitors of all ages, woven with humor and smarts to keep your brain working.


Kind words from one of our clients
I contacted H+W to help with an informational brochure to go along with a “Tree of Life” or Wall of Honor display for our grateful patients at our Cancer Center. James and Laurel were great to work with and provided numerous samples of brochures in various layouts with different templates and colors. They were very enthusiastic about the project and even offered suggestions on how to make the Tree of Life display look even better on the wall. I was very impressed with the designs and would recommend them to anyone.

Nichole Barbuzanes

UMMS Foundation
H+W makes great suggestions on what will be more appealing to readers and listens with an open mind to recommendations that I make. They have a true understanding for healthcare. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for a creatively designed project done skillfully within a comfortable working relationship.

Kathy Parry

Manager of Philanthropy Programs
I have worked with James Hersick since he founded his company. Together we worked on several of annual reports and they were always a big success. HW is very strategic in their design approach and they ensure that the creative process exceeds the client’s vision. The outcome of every project is always "on strategy." They excel on the smallest projects up as well as very complex campaigns. Their attention to detail and reliability are unsurpassed.

Tracie R. Bath

Marketing & Creative Services Professional

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