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Alabama Gulf State Park Brand & Interpretive Strategy

Creating an engaging and fun brand experience to help a popular destination show the world it is much more than beautiful beaches–its also a world leader for sustainable tourism development.

Situated between the popular destinations of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama, Gulf State Park is the keystone that connects the communities and is a vital partner for sustainable economic growth in the region. To become a beacon for sustainable tourism required the region to find ways to rally the community around this forward vision.

With more than 13,000 years of history, 6,150 acres, and nine different ecosystems, the beach is truly only the beginning.

With 6,150 acres and nine ecosystems to explore, Gulf State Park is an exceptional place. Such an ecologically unique place deserves an equally environmentally special building to greet visitors. As Alabama’s most environmentally-friendly building, the IC is built to achieve LEED Platinum and full Living Building Challenge (LBC) certifications and serve as the launching point for discovery and adventure.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy
Stakeholder Engagement
Customer/User Experience Strategy
Journey Mapping
Brand messaging
Graphic Design
Wayfinding + Signage
Interpretive Design
Website design and development
Social Media Campaigns
Email Marketing
Content Strategy
Copywriting + Editing

2016, 2018 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award

Alabama Gulf State Park Interpretive Center Exhibits
Copy Excerpt:

Live Oak Lessons


Live oak trees are very tolerant. They don’t have a problem accepting different kinds of soil. They don’t mind when the weather gets too hot or too cold.

When it comes to water, they can handle drought or flooding. Even though they prefer freshwater, they go with the flow when splashed by saltwater.

They don’t even seem to mind all that Spanish moss growing in their tops.


Live oaks accept what life throws at them, but they’re not pushovers. Their never quit attitude helps them recover from just about anything.

They stand firm against damaging hurricanes and storms. When burned by fire, they teach us what it means to be resilient. The top of the tree may die, but soon enough the surviving roots start sending new sprouts skyward.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all as tolerant, accepting, determined and resilient as live oaks? Maybe those qualities are the secret to their incredibly long lives.

Alabama Gulf State Park Interpretive Center Water cycle ring game
Interpretive masterplan exhibits
Gopher Tortoise interpretive at Rosemary Dunes Pause Place

“If you want passionate team members that align themselves with the goals of the project and deliver high-quality design you should hire Hersick+Webster … you’ll also get interesting conversations about nature, hiking, biking, dogs, kids, interpretation, communities, and equity.”

–Director of Design, The University of Alabama Center for Economic Development

Alabama Gulf State Park Interpretive Center interpretive sign about beach wildlife
Bridge panels Gulf side
Alabama Gulf State Park Interpretive Center Brochure Design
Gulf State Park Pitcher Plant and Website Home Page

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