Helping your brand succeed is what we're all about.

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We created this design studio to help you help others.

We have a passion for helping others succeed.

And making the world a little (or a lot) better along the way.

In fact, it’s what brought Hersick+Webster together. This mission inspired James to open the studio in 2003 and it’s what inspired Laurel to become his partner in 2012.

While we certainly can’t change the world all by ourselves, we work our butts off everyday to help brands like yours build businesses that make a difference.

Together we can do anything!

We can help!

Turn the Turtle Hospital for Children Mascot

Helping good people, good ideas, and good companies succeed is what we’re all about.

We live our values out loud.

  • We believe great design makes a difference. Great design is more than winning awards and making pretty things. You deserve great design.
  • We believe in sustainability – economically, environmentally, and socially.
  • We believe in inspiring adventure, action, wellness and wonder ... in making healing less stressful, connecting people to places, inspiring conservation and provoking thoughtful conversation.
  • We believe in redefining success to include the meaningful impact you have on people’s lives.

Because we believe so deeply about helping businesses like yours, succeed and make a difference, Graphic Design USA named James & Laurel Responsible Designers to Watch.


Thank you for waking up each day ready and able to take on a new project. Your work is never stale and you always work with us – a true partner!
Alexandra Bessent
Director of Strategic Marketing Physicians Relations, University of Maryland Medical Center

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