We help people create places people love.


The How + Why of H+W

We are a group of outdoor-loving, good food-seeking, hiking, biking, running, water-splashing, community-focused travel enthusiasts.

We love downtown, wandering in nature, having great conversations, local pie, and sharing fermented beverages with others.

This is the way we show up in the world. How we act and why we do things the way we do. These values show up in our award-winning work and keep us grounded when the trail gets tough.

Our Guiding Principles

We exist to help others grow and make a positive difference in communities. This includes our team, our clients, our partners, 0ur community members, and every other living thing on this planet.

We are a team of leaders. We don’t wait for change to happen, we help chart the course–collaboratively.

In doing so, we rely on principle #1, compassionately considering the needs of others along the journey.

Kindness means that we have the heart to say what needs to be said … with love and respect. As leaders, we build each other up, so each of us can become better each and every day.

Our team loves to learn. We get stoked for …

  • research
  • asking a great question
  • finding a better way
  • trying a new tool

Design isn’t about making things pretty, it’s about making things better. Everyone on our team is challenged to always think like a Designer…

  • to know there is a wrong way, but many right ones
  • to consider possibilities
  • to systematically think through how to make positive sustainable change for the people and projects we touch.

Our design is beautiful because it’s meaningful.

Our Josie

And now ... a few things we believe strongly about.

  • We believe with a super, intense, burning passion that your logo is definitely not your brand.
    It’s how who you are as a community or organization shows up in our lives. All of it. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the spectacularly special! Great brands are proudly authentic. You deserve to be a great brand.
  • We believe great design is more than winning awards and making pretty things.
    Great design makes a difference. You deserve great design.
  • We believe in breaking down silos.
    While useful for storing grain, they are terrible for building understanding, creating meaningful change, and cultivating collaborations that enable a community’s culture to flourish! 
  • We believe in sustainability – economically, environmentally, and socially.
  • We believe in connecting people to places, inspiring conservation, and provoking thoughtful conversation … in inspiring adventure, action, wellness, and wonder.
  • We believe in redefining success to include the meaningful impact you have on people’s lives.
  • Lastly … We love dogs. 

Our Team

Our team offers an impressive and diverse array of experience and capabilities. We collaborate as well as divide and conquer based on our strengths for our client’s needs. We thrive on being the direct contact with our clients and being all-hands in throughout each project that we engage with.

At H+W, we're pretty darn proud of how we do business and the impacts large and small that come from it. We're honored that Graphic Design USA gave us a pat on the back for our efforts in 2017 by adding James & Laurel tho their list Responsible Designers to Watch.

Awards+ Accolades

  • Named Graphic Design USA’s 2017 Responsible Designer’s to Watch
  • 2018 35th Annual HealthcareAdvertising Awards Gold winner
  • 11x GDUSA Health +Wellness Design Award Winners
  • 25x American Graphic Design Award Winners
  • Aster Awards for Medical Marketing Silver Winner
  • Art Directors’ Club Award Winner
  • 3x American Corporate Identity Awards Winner
  • Print Regional Design Annual Award Winner
"They’ve done exceptional, thorough, and thoughtful work. Thanks to them, I was able to truly discover who I want to be, as a business. They’re outstanding at what they do—and the goal of community-building, which is an integral component of my business, came naturally to them ... Trust their process, and don’t hold back with your ideas. They’re the ones who can help you execute and visualize your dreams in a way that no one could do on their own.”
Genie Arnot
President, Social Studio Baltimore

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