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September 6, 2018

Sappi Ideas That Matter Grant Winner

Sappi Ideas That Matter Path to Impact Workbook Cover

We’ve had a hard time keeping our lips sealed on this one!

With over two years of work, I’m so proud to announce the next step of the efforts made on my work with AIGA’s Design for Good’s task force. With design for good being such an integral part of not only our studio but of who James and I are, I’m thrilled to announce that my work with the task force has been selected as one of nine winners of this year’s Sappi Ideas That Matter grant program. Receiving $30,000 in funding, the task force will be making our workbook more accessible, as well as building out additional tools to grow the Path to Impact campaign.

The Design for Good task force, comprised of myself and other national design leaders (and our dear friends) Justin Ahrens, Gage Mitchell, Lennie Mowris, and Laetitia Wolff, has been “raising awareness, offering guidance to [AIGA] and its members” and have led various discussions, symposiums, workshops, and presentations throughout the country.

Over the past year, the team and I coauthored the Path to Impact workbook – a tool designed to guide organizations, communities, and individuals through the process of designing measurable and sustainable impact design projects. It was then unveiled in May at this year’s AIGA National Leadership Retreat, where 250 design leaders from across the country came for leadership training, networking, and fun. Over the course of the retreat, our task force facilitated workshops, ranging from an overview of Path to Impact to diving into the workbook and making it applicable for AIGA chapter leaders.

We’re excited to see the continued development of these tools, as well as integrating them into our studio and applying them to our client’s valuable work!

Find out more about Sappi’s Ideas That Matter, see what the grant is for, and check out the other recipients! 

Learn more about AIGA’s Design for Good Initiative and the task for here.

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