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April 1, 2022

Hersick + Webster Updates

Well hello there! It’s been a while since you’ve read one of these from us right? 

We took some time off of writing our blogs as our client roster grew and you know, we only have two sets of hands sooo…. 

But the good news is, we are back, full of knowledge, value, updates & fun things in store for H+W that we can’t wait to share!

A few updates from us:

  • We’ve all successfully avoided catching Covid for the last two years! I’d have to say, that is an accomplishment! 
  • As our business has grown, we’ve realized that we cannot do it all alone so we’ve hired a wonderful VA and she is such a great asset to our team! 
  • We rebranded our website! You may notice if you head to our site that it looks a bit different! It needed a facelift and boy do we love the new look!
  • We recently went to Alabama on a client trip and hosted workshops, collected stories, memories and met with community leaders to continue our commitment to important public engagement as ongoing brand research for the State of AL.

Our Continued Mission:

We are so excited to continue our work, spread our message and support more communities in building places people love to be! Our mission is clear: we create places people love to be, which is rooted in a people-first approach.

Why? Because we care. We care about people, communities, leaders, places. It brings us together. It creates memories & new beginnings.

We are here to elevate and celebrate what makes your place special within your community.

Our Message To You / A Few Tips:

We believe in connecting people to places, inspiring conservation, and provoking thoughtful conversation … in inspiring adventure, action, wellness, and wonder. 

We’ve been at this for a long time – but really – for over 10 years we’ve been using our design superpowers to help folks build better communities. 

We want you to make an impact and to create a memorable place. And this all starts creating a people first approach to your business and understanding your brand on a deeper level.

To do this, start asking yourself these questions:

  • What do we want to be known for? Why?
  • Who will care about this and why?
  • What benefits will this bring them?
  • What is our long term vision with our brand?
  • What is our mission and why?

These will help you get started in truly understanding and developing a brand that speaks directly to your audience!

There you have it… If you have any Q’s or want to learn more about how to turn your vision into something people will love to support, feel free to reach out to us! We are here to help!


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