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July 25, 2018

Development Authority of Berkeley County

Development Authority of Berkeley County logo

I’m sure you’ve noticed we’re pretty fond of where we live. What’s not to love about the beautiful landscapes, evolving demographics, and rapidly growing economy nestled in the tri-state area? Between the Farmers Market and other local and community projects (such as What’s Next WV Berkeley County and Promise Neighborhood Initiative) and boards we work with, we love being an active part of what makes our region great. All the more, the Development Authority of Berkeley County has long been a cornerstone to the region.

Development Authority of Berkeley County logo with color palette

Brief: like-minded, like-hearted

When the Development Authority put out the bid for their rebrand, we took the opportunity to collaborate with LovelyPixels. It was a natural fit, not only because we both expressed the desire to see this rebrand take place, but we wanted to see it done great, and what better way than through the collaboration of like-minded and like-hearted friends and colleagues? It was a clear opportunity for us to be a reflection of what the Development Authority offers through its own expertise and ability to connect and build community by working together.

As a vital connector to commerce, DABC ensures that the community it encompasses is thriving by promoting positive, long-term differences to the local economy. By pulling on historical landmarks, such as the railroad and roundhouse, as well as the rich agricultural and manufacturing history that’s still thriving, it was important for us to visually reference these as key identifiers for Berkeley County.

Process: learning & discoveries

James, Jessi, and I were excited to sit down with Sandy Hamilton, executive director of DABC, and hear all about what gets her excited to come to work each day. And, why DABC is so important to her and to the community. Our discovery session highlighted their key brand attributes:

  • Connection: Supporting community groups and organizations, connecting resources to the people that need them.
  • Partnership: With education institutions.
  • Growth: For a thriving community with bountiful opportunity, growth is monumental.

These key attributes were vital to the direction and decisions we made in the rebrand. It also helped lay the groundwork for the marketing needs, such as ensuring brand flexibility across various platforms (print, web, all of it!). Noting where DABC focused on the county’s proximity to larger metro areas, and intentionally shifting that focus to concentrating on local infrastructure and people and the stories they have, all the more show the internal, cultural rebranding that DABC’s developed over the past year, and where they’re headed.


With smooth, clean lines for a modern iconographic logo, the new logomark ties in the history of the region to the present, providing a harmonious visual platform for the new innovations that’ll carry Berkeley County forward strongly into the future. The various elements of the logo exemplify the historical ties while connecting them to the future. The shovel highlights opportunity, not just for agriculture as it touches the soil beneath it, but for technology and the other industries that find themselves at home in Berkeley County. The railroad playfully connects the mark together in a circular form, reflecting back to the historic Roundhouse, and providing the modern logo with a classic emblem shape.

“This logo provides greater clarity of the mission of the Development Authority of Berkeley County,” says Sandy Hamilton. “We embrace our history, engage in our present opportunities, and are excited about our future. We deliberately strive to benefit the business and citizen community, in a balanced manner.”

Us too, Sandy! We’re honored to be a part of the journey that DABC’s made, and thrilled to be helping our community better connect to their resources.

Services provided:

Name, brand identity, collateral, research, and strategy

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