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Downtown Appalachia

Helping non-profit funders and CDFIs across Appalachia create economic successes and revitalize Main Street by empowering rural-based entrepreneurs and business owners.

Downtown Appalachian Revitalization Playbook

The Downtown Appalachian Revitalization Playbook is a result of years of collaboration by more than a hundred community development leaders across the region working to connect investment to underserved communities and support downtown redevelopment and revitalization.

The Playbook helps various stakeholders speak the same language of investment, identify key factors that enable investments to be successful, and provides examples of real investments that are leading to downtown revitalization in Central Appalachia. 

H+W supported the project’s authors and partners with the Playbook’s digital publication branding and design across its digital publication and microsite. We helped define messaging that speaks to their key audiences, as well as developed an online readiness assessment calculator that helps users determine what factors their community has in places for downtown revitalization. 

Learn more and download the tools at downtownplaybook.org.

Services Provided

Branding Strategy

Brand Messaging

Identity Development 

Publication Design

Website Design and Development

Downtown Redevelopment Playbook Website
Downtown Appalachia Revitalization Playbook Case Studies
Downtown Revitalization Playbook Community Readiness Assessment

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