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Holly Hosler


Calligrapher + amateur philosopher + aspiring chef + keyboardist + connoisseur of the finer things in life + mom + speed-walker

Holly Hosler headshot
Superpowers & such
Long-form copywriting
Web content writing, including blogs and social media
Advertising copywriting
Research and interviews
Press releases
PowerPoint presentations
Marketing plans
Translating technical content into easy-to-understand copy
Not so secretly wants to write and publish a book

As a Renaissance woman, I have worn many hats in the marketing and communications space, but my forte is writing. My philosophy is that copy should be clean, succinct, and – most important – understood by its intended audience. With an MA in English focused on rhetoric and professional communication, I take copywriting seriously.

I’m a Minnesotan who lived in the Mid-Atlantic for 15 years, working at ad agencies and hospitals before relocating my family of five to Kansas City, AKA “The Heart of America.”

By listening to podcasts while doing chores, I’m always acquiring new-to-me knowledge. I also read book reviews in the Wall Street Journal, work out with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson (via DVD), conduct cooking experiments with hard-to-source-in-the-Midwest ingredients, create two-dimensional art for my church, play Beethoven on the piano, and have intimate, academic chats with my historian husband.

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