Gee’s Bend Community Projects

In 2011, we began partnering with Auburn University on community engagement and development in Gee’s Bend Alabama.

New Ideas

Students at Auburn University College of Architecture, Design and Construction, created a variety of ideas to get the residents of Gee’s Bend and potential partners thinking about the possibilities for this beautiful place. Those proposals can be seen in the Gee’s Bend Proposal Book we created. On January 9th, 2012, at the the Quilter’s Collective in Boykin, we presented the books to the community in advance of several upcoming meetings to promote the Gee’s Bend project. View the full proposal book here.

New Revenue

When looking for ways to help the quilting collective keep money in the local economy, our Summit team came up with a simple and effective idea. We designed a collection of postcards that are an affordable souvenir for visitors. According to the collective, everyone who visits leaves with at least one card if not the whole set. The cards foster business in the community and provide a revenue stream that is 100% the Collective’s. It’s a small step on the way to other things, but it’s a step forward.

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