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Project Description

Church of the Good Shepherd, Good Shepherd School

Brand development, logo, tagline, website + collateral for a really cool church and school.

Church of the Good Shepherd is a pretty cool place. They obviously have the solid history of the Episcopal Church to fall back on, but they spend most of their time looking forward.

COGS is a welcoming, loving and empowering member of the Towson community in Maryland. They help people find an approachable place to belong and provide a mindful space for personal growth. The community gets together for yoga, meditation, Habitat for Humanity projects, BBQ, music and more.

The Good Shepherd School is just as welcoming to kids and their families. The mission of the school is to give kids a solid foundation to grow upon that is built from a life-long love of learning.

Welcoming ALL in the community is very inspiring and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to help COGS help others.

Additional identity pieces included promotional postcards and flyers, stationery, and brand guide.


Project Details